Welcome to your new project

Follow the checklist and the instructions on the Docmap tooltips to go faster!

Change the logo: In the Editor Docmap, open the "Main Wrap" structure and follow the "Logo" yellow tips inside "Header" symbol.

If your logo is textual, select the logo on Canvas with a triple click (as it is a Symbol) and change the text. If your logo is an image, this is where you should go.

Change the menu items: In the Editor Docmap, inside "Main Wrap" structure, open the "Header" symbol and follow the "Navigation" tooltips.

Change the highlight works: in the Editor Docmap, within the "Main Wrap" structure, follow the "Highlight works List" tips. It's a dynamic structure, to change the content you will have to explore the "Work" collection in the Editor Collections. Try editing your Entries!

Change the translations: in the Editor upper toolbar, click on the canvas toggle and choose a language. You can then select the Text Elements and translate. You can change all the static text in your site.

Change the color palette and fonts: in Editor toolbar on the left, select the "Styleguide" option and explore the Colors and Typefaces. All elements with these colors or fonts applied will be transformed across your website by changing the values.

Give it a try and instantly transform this template!

Learn more: you can find a series of Video Tutorials in the Editor toolbar on the left that will allow you to deepen your knowledge and move faster. Don't forget to watch!

Disable the "Help Card": select the corresponding element in the Docmap Editor and click on the visibility icon.




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